Manta Ray Diving in Kona, HI

Experience the ocean in a whole new way with a manta ray diving tour in Kona, HI. Pacific Rim Divers is the best touring choice if you want to see the sea up close. After almost 25 years, we know the best diving spots, where you’ll get to see a wide variety of sea life. Schedule a tour with us, and we will ensure you have a memorable experience.

The Diving Team That Cares

We want to give you a diving experience you’ll never forget, so we make each diving trip a personalized experience. We take smaller groups, which gives us the freedom to spend one-on-one time with each diver to ensure they feel comfortable and have a good time.

Our diving tours let people of all skill levels experience the joy of diving. We take both certified and uncertified scuba divers, so book a manta ray night diving tour with us today.


One of the most popular of Kona’s dive offerings. Let us share the Manta Ray Night Dive SCUBA diving experience with you. Our meeting times vary with the time of year so be sure to check with us shortly before your scheduled trip for our depart time. We offer a 2 tank afternoon and night dive one to two evenings a week.  Regularly scheduled for Tuesday evenings.  The manta ray dive site is just a 20 minute boat ride away.

Book a Daily 2 Dive Charter and a 2 tank afternoon/night manta ray night dive charter and receive a 5% package discount!  Two days and a night qualifies for a 10% package discount!  You book your charters and we apply the discount from this end.  Yay!  We love discounts!


This experience allows divers to enjoy a late afternoon crepuscular dive (that’s the one right at sunset) followed by the night manta ray night dive. The crepuscular dive is an amazing nightly event unfolding right before our eyes. Observe the “changing of the guard” as your guide points out the many changes in the reef as its inhabitants begin to get ready for bed and night creatures become more active. Our surface interval includes a light snack and preparation for big event. The manta ray night dive.

1 TANK ​MANTA RAY NIGHT DIVE (by special request only)

Once the plankton has begun to gather around our campfire of light on the bottom, the mantas come nearer to look for their dinner. Plankton is on the menu, and lots of it! Many groups of divers and snorkelers gather together for this event. The more the better as far as the mantas are concerned. You see, light brings plankton, and plankton brings mantas. We settle onto the bottom, hold still, shine our bright lights up into the water column and watch the most amazing show you have ever experienced in 30 ft of water! When the conditions are right (which is about 90 % of the time) one or many of these gentle giants feed on plankton that has gathered in the lights over head. Divers describe this experience as being an amazing, surreal, underwater ballet. That it is. Watch a short video of this experience here.


Join us on any of our day or night
charters as a snorkeler or rider.


ONE TANK REEF NIGHT DIVE (scheduled by request)

(this is a reef dive not a manta ray night dive)

​​​It’s a whole new world under there! Our one tank night dive will find our small group of divers slowly moving across familiar reefs. While day fish sleep, the reef comes alive with it’s creatures of the night. Lobsters, eels, crabs, nudibranchs, and so many more of our reef creatures are out trekking about in search of food. Animals that hide and sleep during the day come out to mate, forage and spawn. Familiar day creatures take on a new look as they blend and hide in their sleeping holes. Parrot fish build their mucus sleeping bag, white strips of spawn ooze from the spiny urchins back. Lions paw cucumbers creep about with their fuzzy feeding tentacles reaching outward for food. Watch a cone shell envenomate and consume its cowrie victim. An amazing compliment to a full schedule of reef diving. A night dive is a great way to experience the reef in a whole new way.