Diving with a Whaleshark!

It must be winter in Kona. The first big north swell lumbered down the Pacific and bashed through Hawai. And we got to go diving with a whaleshark.

Pyramid Pinnacle is always a favorite dive site to take our 2-tank charter customers. On any given day, it’s a great place to find eels and octopus, leaf scorpions, frogfish and harlequin shrimp. It’s never boring. It is also prone to lots of current so we can’t always dive there. (The current is probably why it’s so good – lots of nutrient-rich water passing through the site.). Sometimes we get lucky: eagle rays or mantas will swim by. In the winter we’ll see scalloped hammerheads cruise by.

On December 7, something extra special cruised through Pyramid during our first dive. You know how Frank always tells you to look up and around? Well for a small group of divers, it paid off. Check out the pictures our friend Kerry snapped as this beauty swam by.

Diving with whalesharks is a bucket list item for many divers. Our guests Paula and Allen have been diving Kona every year for over 20 years. While they’ve made trips to places like the Philippines specifically to dive with whalesharks, this was their first ever Kona whale shark. They were thrilled!

And yes, even Frank got to see it from the boat. Click here to see his video.

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